Friday, 3 June 2016

World Water Joy : A Work in Progress - Participating Artist - David Casini

Piovigginando sale, 2015
Piovigginando sale is a fountain that works on a closed system, using a dehumidifier. Through this artwork, David Casini focuses once more on water issue related theme, like in other previous works like Planète Blue (2005) or Come quando fuori piove (2012). Here, the water is connected to the air humidity, creating a strong relation with the surroundings, in particular with the water’s volume present in the space, the temperature, and the public among which is placed the artwork. The fountain’s system is really simple : a pump sends in continuous cycle the water that the dehumidifier draws from the air, and it stops when the atmosphere is dry. The little pieces of glass, similar to those of the analytical laboratories , the brass joints and the colored rubber tubes create a pictorial three-dimensional form ; the funnel has been done with a marine sponge. In Piovigginando sale, the use of an organic element, typical choice in the artist’s productions, disrupts the object function: the sponge – natural absorbent material – covered by resin, specifically where the water flows, becomes completely waterproof. The structure of the work , vertical and thin , leads immediately to the idea of fragility and of balance.

Born 1973 in Montevarchi,Tuscany, Italy. David Casini lives and works in Bologna, Italy.

Recent solo exhibitions : 2015, Geometrie per un canone rovesciato, Galleria CAR drde, Bologna (Italy) / 2014, David. Vita morte e miracoli, SRISA Santa Reparata International School of Art, Florence (Italy) / 2012, Tout Semble Fonctionner, Analix Forever Gallery, Geneva (Switzerland); Back Home, Spazio Morris, Milan (Italy). Recent group exhibitions : 2015, Horizons, Plutschow Gallery, Zurich (Switzerland) / 2014, Biennale Disegno Rimini, Ala Nuova, Museo della città, Rimini (Italy) / 2013 Capsule 1.4, Halle Nord, Geneva (Switzerland).

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