Wednesday, 29 June 2016

World Water Joy : A Work in Progress - Participating Artist - Marcello Maloberti

Collage, 30 x 20 cm, 2016
Courtesy dell'artista e di Galleria Raffaella Cortese

Acqua by Loredana Bertè, 1985

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

World Water Joy : A Work in Progress - Participating Artist - ULAY

World Water Joy, projected performance
Sound installation and performance

As part of its research on water related issues, connected to the current project Earth Water Catalogue (2012), ULAY would present a participatory performance with children. This performance will also aim to educate young people, through their direct investment in water-related issues as critical natural resource.

World Water Joy : A Work in Progress - Participating Artist - Iliya & Emilia Kabakov

The Toilet on The Lake, 1996
/metaphysical-philosophical installation/


This installation "plays" with two "meditative states".
Sitting in the toilet and dreaming in quiet, wonderful nature.
Placed on the bank of the lake it is inviting you to sit in these "stalls".
And if you look into the direction of the lake, you will have a marvelous feeling of solitude,
tranquility and peace which is contrary to your usual state of perpetual anxiety.
A feeling of time standing still, a sense of approaching eternity ...


Ilya and Emilia Kabakov are Russian-born, American-based artists that collaborate on environments which fuse elements of the everyday with those of the conceptual. While their work is deeply rooted in the Soviet social and cultural context in which the Kabakovs came of age, their work still attains a universal significance.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

World Water Joy : A Work in Progress - Participating Artist - Dorian Sari

Welcome!, 2015
Video projection, 5'22''

"This video is originally based of the refugees situtaion. It is based on my observations and the experiences I had in Europe over the years. This video is way to warn, naively maybe, the others. At the end it is a self-portrait.
Water has a very symbolic side of purification and  transparancy. It cleanses us, it transforms us, it conveys something still unknown, and sometimes it kills us. It is unstable, it is insecurity. This is what we, as human beings, seek to flee, what we try to avoid. With its threatening aspects, almost dangerous, the water symbolically reminds us, through its waves which extend over the rives, the waves of immigration and refugees and tell the stories and the daily reality of all the new arrived."
Dorian Sari

PARTICIPATION - ART for The World 1995-2016

We are pleased to present Participation, ART for The World 1995-2016, a retrospective of the NGO, ART for The World’s projects published on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary. 

Cover by Dan Perjovschi

The book presents all ART for The World projects divided in 4 chapters - When Art meets the UN, Interpreting Sustainability, Global South, and ART for The World Europa. It is enriched with forwards and texts of many distinguished contributors, including artists, architects, art historians and critics, journalists, curators. The 256 page, 325 image book highlights the platforms for meaningful exchange and dialogue that lie at the intersection of art and society developped by ART for The World.