Wednesday, 18 May 2016

World Water Joy : A Work in Progress - Participating Artist - Martand Khosla

The Spirit Earns – I, II & III, 2013
Plan, Elevation, Section (From the series Rabi-Kharif-Zaid), 2012

The Spirit Earns – I, II & III, 2013
Brick grains and dust, size variable

India is in the middle of one of the worst droughts in contemporary times.  There have been several hundred deaths already related to this drought and the crisis appears to be worsening as the days progress.
The scarcity of water and the resultant crop failures have been one of the primary causes for rural to urban migration in India.  An extremely large number of rural migrant workers find unskilled employment in the construction industry in urban India, as we continue to divert the countries resources (particularly water) from rural to urban settlements.
The question that looms in front of us is –
‘Is water a resource and a fundamental right? Or is it a commodity?’

Plan, Elevation, Section (From the series Rabi-Kharif-Zaid), 2012

Brick Dust on paper, 3 squares of 58cm x 58cm each

Martand Khosla lives and works in New Delhi, India. His art practice explores urban continuity and transformation, as both complement and counter to his experience building in contemporary India. As an architect, Martand initially pursued art to explore how construction-fuelled employment shapes identities and nostalgia. Situated as both participant and observer, he employed tools of the State, such as the ubiquitous rubber stamp, to render its imprint on lives within traditional definitions of power and dispossession. Brick dust collected from his construction sites became a language of tension, allowing material to pay tribute to both the temporary and permanent, to construction and demolition.

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