Thursday, 12 May 2016

World Water Joy : A Work in Progress - Participating Artist - Vasilis Zografos

Paintings, 2008-2010
Oil on canvas 

 Water dragon, 2008, oil on canvas 190x200cm

The colorful water dragon —an iconic symbol for a water source— works as an apotropaic and conveys a message of euphoria relating to the liquid state. The three paintings below introduce a zone of gradual abstraction, initially limiting the color pallet to grey tones, less detail, no background and finally no-noise; the melancholic ambiance of water evokes a sense of "lost paradise".

Untitled, 2010, oil on canvas, 195x175cm
Untitled 2010, oil on canvas, 70x80cm

Untitled, 2010,  oil on canvas, 30x30cm

Vasilis Zografos was born in Mytilini, Lesvos in 1965. He is a graduate of the School of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki. Zografos was awarded a scholarship from the Lilian Voudouri Trust and the Dutch State leading to a Master's Degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Groningen, Netherlands. He also holds a multi-discipline Master's Degree from the Polytechnic School at the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki in Preservation, Conservation, and Restoration of works of art. Between 2002 and 2007 he taught painting and drawing at the Ecole Régionale de Beaux-Arts de Saint Etienne. He currently resides and works in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Recent solo exhibitions: MISSING, 2015, Eleftheria Tseliou gallery, Athens; BACKHOME, 2012, Batagianni gallery, Athens; MYSTERIA, 2012,curated by Anna Mykoniati Chrysie Tsiota and Vasilis Zografos, CACT, Thessaloniki; A PUFF OF AIR IS AN EVENT, 2011, Mirta Demare Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands;

Recent group exhibitions: HUILE SUR TOILE, 2015, Espace L Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland; FOOD, 2014,curated by Adelina von Furstenberg, MuCEM Marseille, France; 6+6 STEPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE, 2014,curated by Thalea Stefanidou, Casa Bianca, Thessaloniki; EVERYWHERE BUT NOW, 2013,curated by Adelina von Furstenberg, 4th Biennale of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki.

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