Tuesday, 10 May 2016

World Water Joy : A Work in Progress - Participating Artist - Gal Weinstein

Jazreal Valley at Night, 2014-2016
Water, Coffee and PVC 

The work is based on the image of the Jezreel valley, whereas previously I have recreated the valley using wall-to-wall carpets, in this work I recreate the fields of Jezreel valley from water and coffee, letting the water and the coffee grow mold and creating an organic carpet. The work deals with the process of changes over time, from wetness to dryness, liquid to solids. It looks at the process of controlling water as a form and the loss of control over mold. Water as an agricultural platform and the potential of an agricultural disaster (flooding of fields). In this manner the work combines the situation of thriving and destruction.

Born in Ramat Gan, Israel, in 1970, Gal Weinstein lives and works in Tel Aviv. Gal Weinstein’s installations are based on iconic images that are deeply engraved in the Israeli  “collective memory.” His artistic process involves translating the sentimental aesthetics of popular photographic sources (journals, postcards, photographic albums) into concrete substance, through the use of industrial and functional materials such as wall-to-wall carpets. The works can therefore be read as a literal reflection on the two-fold nature of the term “touching”, alluding both to the concrete sense and to the sentimental aspect of the word.

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