Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Our thoughts to Jafar Panahi

In 2010 ART for The World produced The Accordion (here in its English version), the short film by Jafar Panahi before he was arrested together with his family and crew in early 2010.
Presented in September 2010 in the context of the Venice Film Festival, the short film has already partecipated in more than 30 film festivals around the world.
The Accordion is a perfect message of tolerance and solidarity to a regime that was always and still is hostile to his work and to himself as an artist.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Mediterranean Approach: installation views at Palazzo Zenobio

The first floor - the so called piano nobile -  of the Baroque Palazzo Zenobio in Venice hosts from June through mid-August the works (photos, scupltures, video, installations) by the thirteen artists participating in the exhibition THE MEDITERRANEAN APPROACH.
Here are some installations views.

Adrian Paci, Last Gestures, 2009
Ange Leccia, La Mer, 2001
David Casini, L'illogica abitudine, 2011
Faouzi Bensaidi, Le mur, 2000
Gal Weinstein, Nahalal (Partly Cloudy), 2011
Ghada Amer, Le Salon Courbé, 2007

Hüseyin Karabey, No darkness will make us forget, 2011
Marie Bovo, Cours intérieures, 2008
Khalil Rabah, The 3rd Annual Wall Zone Auction, 2004
Maria Papadimitriou, Apparatus, 2011
Ziad Antar, Beirut Bereft. Architecture of the Forsaken and Map of Derelection, 2007
Zineb Sedira, Gardiennes d'Images, 2010
Peter Wüthrich, Angels of Venice, 2011

Photos by Matteo Visentin and Uliva Velo

The Mediterranean Approach: Vernissage at Palazzo Zenobio on June 3rd

On June 3rd more than 1,500 people joined us and the artists for the vernissage of the exhibition THE MEDITERRANEAN APPROACH at Palazzo Zenobio in Venice.
Here are some pictures and video of the opening reception.

Palazzo Zenobio

From left to right: Nicole Fanni, Lora Sariaslan,
the artist Seyit Battal Kurt, Adelina von Fürstenberg
the artists Khalil Rabah and Ghada Amer  
the artist Ziad Antar, Jean Boghossian and Kathy, Renaud Musellier
Niki Vendola visiting the exhibition
the artist Gal Weinstein, the co-curator Thierry Ollat
and the artist Marie Bovo
from left to right: Orlan, Adelina, Ricky Clifton and Raphael Cuir
Maura Reilly and Adelina
Diane Hennebert and Fédéric
from left to right: the artists Marie Bovo, Khalil Rabah, Thierry Ollat,
Zineb Sedira, Ziad Antar
Niki Vendola and Thierry Ollat
Adelina and Philippe Castro,
Igor Valas (in the background)

From left to right: the artists Marie Bovo, Zineb Sedira and Ghada Amer
Adelina and the artist Ange Leccia
Ziad Antar and Anna Daneri

Photos by Adelina and Egon von Fürstenberg, Levon Mkrtchyan,
Uliva Velo, Matteo Visentin
Video by Thierry Ollat

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Il Sole 24 Ore, review on The Mediterranean Approach

After the successful opening of the exhibition THE MEDITERRANEAN APPROACH at Palazzo Zenobio in Venice last Friday June 3rd, here is the review on the show
by Gabi Scardi, published today on the Italian newspaper
Il Sole 24 Ore.