Wednesday, 21 December 2011

ART for The World's Season Greetings

ART for The World's offices are closed from December 23, 2011 until January 9, 2012.
We wish you nice holidays and a Happy New Year!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Carnaval dos Deuses by Tata Amaral

Carnaval dos Deuses by Tata Amaral is a short movie produced by ART for The World and co-produced by SESC Sao Paulo in 2010. 
The short is a segment of the collective film project
 THEN AND NOW Beyond Borders and Differences produced by ART for The World under the auspices of the Alliance of Civilizations and the Council of Europe and inspired by article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion". 

The short movie by Tata Amaral focuses on the topic of the
 syncretism of beliefs and tolerance investigating how it is possible to represent the cultural and religious mixtures and the multiple forms of belief which come from diverse sources and which emerge from a completely different historical background.

Interviewed on
Carnaval dos Deuses
, Tata Amaral said:
I worked with children ages 6 to 8 that, gathered in a middle class or lower middle class school in São Paulo, get to know and deal with religious differences. These children have diverse cultural and religious origins, as happens a lot in Brazil: Catholics, Jews, Umbanda and Santo Daime practitioners live in harmony. But how do the children understand religion and/or religious practices of their parents?
The fuse of my movie is Leon’s narrative to his friends about the Jewish ceremony Brit Milah (circumcision) for his newborn brother. Impressed, the boys discover evenness and differences in religious practices to which they came in contact with: Christmas, Hanukkah, Twelfth Night, Umbanda rituals and Buddhism. Leon reveals, at his manner, that his father is Jewish and his mother is Catholic, and both attend Ayahuasca ritual.
In a small microcosm such as a children’s school, we find the presence of different religions and rituals, narrated and meaning through the eyes and comprehension of such children. To them, differences are curiosity and not a reason for disagreements.
Children’s narrative is punctuated with images of the rites described. Such images, half-fantasy half-reality, end up in a big pantheism party, almost like a Carnival”.

No darkness will make us forget: Best Short Film at the Pomegranate Film Festival

We are pleased to announce that No darkness will make us forget by Hüseyin Karabey won the Best Short Film Award at the Pomegranate Film Festival in Toronto.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Accordion at Exit Art in New York

The Accordion by Jafar Panahi will be screened at Exit Art, a non profit arts center in Manhattan. The screening will be part of a program of shorts films made for Cine Foundation International's Campaign to protest  the sentence and ban from filmmaking of Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof.

Exit Art is an interdisciplinary cultural center founded in 1982  that  presents innovative exhibitions, films and performances that reflect a commitment to contemporary issues and ideas.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

THEN AND NOW Beyond Borders and Differences at the Festival des Libertés, Brussels

THEN AND NOW Beyond Borders and Differences  will be screened at the Festival des Libertés in Brussels on November 17-26.
The Festival aims to mobilise all forms of expression in order to offer an overview of the state of rights and freedoms around the world, to encourage tolerance and to promote solidarity.

THEN AND NOW Beyond Borders and Differences has been selected for the screening organized for the Commissioning Editors of television stations within the European Union and for international distributors, a special program organized by the Festival for professional audience.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Accordion at Interfilm Short Film Festival in Berlin

The Accordion by Jafar Panahi has been selected for the competition "Confrontations-Making a Difference" at the 27th Interfilm Short Film Festival in Berlin, one of the most important short film festivals in Europe and the oldest international film festival in Berlin after the Berlinale.
The competition "Confrontations-Making a Difference" features short movies focusing on social injustice, intolerance and violence, just some of the themes that confront us every day in the media. The aim of the competition is to present stories - such as The Accordion - focusing on people on the margins of society, everyday heroes and those whose lives are dominated by external influences.

The short will be screened on November 17 and 18, 2011
For more info:

Thursday, 20 October 2011

"From ruins of Greek debt rises art, eager and blunt", New York Times, World News Europe, October 15-16, 2011

From ruins of Greek debt rises art, eager and blunt is an interesting article by Rachele Donadio on art in Greece, where the debt crisis has created an intriguing bright spot: "a burst of  artistic activity in  response to the national identity crisis it has provoked".  

You can read the article published in the New York Times, World News Europe on October 15-16, 2011 at the following link: News

Monday, 17 October 2011

"What About Me?" at the Théatre de l'Odéon, Paris

The short movie What About Me? by the renowned Israeli filmmaker and writer Etgar Keret will be screened at the presence of the author at the Théatre de l'Odéon in Paris on October 17. The screening has been organized on the occasion of the presentation of Keret's new book "Au pays des mensonges".
What About Me? was shot in 2008 within our collective film project Stories on Human Rights and co-directed with his wife Shira Geffen.

Etgar Keret is one of the most internationally acclaimed Israeli writer. He earned international recognition in 2007 with his film Jellifish, co-directed with Shira Geffen, and winning the Caméra d'or at the Cannes Film Festival.

still from What About Me?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

'Black Breakfast' at the Festival du Film de la Roche-sur-Yon

The short movie Black Breakfast (2010) by Jia Zhang-ke will be screened at the Festival International du Film de la Roche-sur-Yon (France) on Octobre 13-18, 2011.
The short movie will be part of the extensive retrospective dedicate to the Chinese director.

Jia Zhang-ke is considered a leading figure of the "Sixth Generation" of Chinese directors. He has received critical praise and has been recognized internationally, notably winning the Venice Film Festival's Golden Lion for Still Life in 2006. His films treat themes of alienated youth, contemporary Chinese history and globalization, and are characterized by the usage of a long-take, colorful digital video and a minimalist style.

Black Breakfast was shot in 2008 in China, as part of the collective film project Stories on Human Rights, inspired by the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and focusing in particular on the theme of environment.

For more info:

Still from Black Breakfast, 2010

Monday, 10 October 2011

"A cosa servono le mostre?": some snapshots of the symposium

Here are few photos of the participants at the symposyum A cosa servono le mostre? (What are exhibitions for?), at Fabbrica del Vapore/Careof, in Milan on October 7-8, 2011.

Foreground: Chiara Agnello and Alessandra Galasso;
Background: Emanuela De Cecco, Angela Vettese, Francesco Tedeschi, Anna Daneri, Roberto Pinto

From left to right: Mario Gorni, Paolo Rosa, Luisa Protti, Gianni Caravaggio, Simeone Crispino (Vedovamazzei), Stefano Boccalini, Marta Dell'Angelo, Anna Stuart Tovini (, David Casini

the public

From left to right: Remo Salvadori, Marco De Michelis, Adrian Paci

From right to left: Stefano Arienti, Eva Fabbris, Paola Nicolin, Stefano Baia Curioni

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A cosa servono le mostre?, 7-8 October, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan

What are exhibitions for? Which is the role of the curator, the director of an art center or museum nowadays? Is there a space for art criticism? What are the edges of the curatorial work and the objectives  for an artist today?

ART for The World in collaboration with Careof presents A cosa servono le mostre? (What are exhibitons for?), two days symposium and discussions curated by Adelina von Fürstenberg, Roberto Pinto, Chiara Agnello and Mario Gorni, with the participation of artists, museum directors, curators and art critics working in Milan and in the region.

Join us at
Fabbrica del Vapore, Careof, Via Procaccini 4, Milan
Friday 7 October  h 17.00-21.00
Saturday 8 October  h 10.30-13.30, 15.00-20.00

The program is available on

Friday, 30 September 2011

'No darknesss will make us forget' awarded with the Adana Golden Boll

We are pleased to announce that the short movie No darkness will make us forget by Hüseyin Karabey has been awarded with the Adana Golden Boll for Best Short Animation in the Mediterranean Short Film Competition of the Adana Film Festival (Turkey).

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Accordion at Autumn Human Rights Film Festival, Kabul

The Accordion by Jafar Panahi will be screened at the opening night of the Autumn Human Rights Film Festival (AHRF) in Kabul, on October 1st.

Focusing on the subject of Human Rights, the 1st edition of the Festival aims to be a hub for filmmakers and artists working despite of censorship in their countries and whose works are restricted from public screenings. The AHRF will present stories of lives affected by war, discrimination and injustice. These stories are of people who have resisted oppression and fought against violence to create a more humane world.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Arrestation de sept cinéastes iraniens

Lundi 19 septembre 2011

Suite à une nouvelle offensive de la police secrète du régime iranien contre les milieux du cinéma, sept artistes de renommée ont été arrêtés durant le dernier week-end.
Il s’agit de Mojtaba MIRTAHMASB (réalisateur), Nasser SAFFARIAN (réalisateur), Hadi AFARIDEH (réalisateur), Mohsen SHAHNAZDAR (journaliste et documentariste), Shahnam BAZDAR (réalisateur), Mehrdad ZAHEDIAN (réalisateur) et Katayoune SHAHABI (productrice de cinéma).
Mojtaba MIRTAHMASB est co-réalisateur, avec Jafar PANAHI, de Ceci n’est pas un film, qui sort en salles en France le 28 septembre 2011.

Ces artistes ont été arrêtés chez eux ou dans leurs bureaux.

Les agences de presse liées au gouvernement iranien ont publié une information selon laquelle les correspondants de la BBC à Téhéran auraient été arrêtés. Les médias gouvernementaux tentent d’accréditer une version selon laquelle les cinéastes indépendants iraniens arrêtés seraient des espions au service de la BBC.
Selon les dernières nouvelles, les cinéastes qui viennent d’être arrêtés ont été transférés à la section 209 de la prison Evin à Téhéran.

Parmi les récentes victimes de la répression en Iran, figurent de nombreuses femmes artistes arrêtées ces dernières semaines.

Monday, 8 August 2011

ART for The World summer break

ART for The World is closed for the summer break until the end of August.
In the meantime, our exhibition The Mediterranean Approach is opened in Venice until August 15 and our film THEN AND NOW Beyond Borders and Differences will be screened at Montreal World Film Festival on August 18-28 (North America première).

We wish you a very nice summer and we will be back in September with our activities and new projects.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sarajevo Film Festival

We are pleased to announce that this week the short movie No darkness will make us forget by Hüseyin Karabey (segment of THEN AND NOW Beyond Borders and Differences) will be screened in the Short Competition Programme of Sarajevo Film Festival.

Hüseyin Karabey is also the artistic director and one of the producers of the collective film Do not forget me Istanbul that will be screened on July 28-29 in the Focus Section of the Festival. The film includes seven shorts by internationally acclaimed directors aiming to remind that Istanbul's past does not only belong to the current peoples of Turkey (short movies by Aida Begić, Stefan Arsenijević, Stergios Niziris, Eric Nazarian, Omar Shakrawi, Hany Abu-Assad, Josefina Markaria).

Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Mediterranean Approach: video by IkonoTV

A short video realized by IkonoTV  featuring the exhibition The Mediterranean Approach in Venice.
IkonoTV is a pioneering art television channel showcasing art only and broadcasting in the Middle East, North Africa and soon in Europe.

Friday, 15 July 2011

The Golden Apricot International Film Festival in Yerevan

This week the feature film THEN AND NOW Beyond Borders and Differences has been screened at the The  Golden Apricot International Film Festival in Yerevan, along with a special screening of the segment Chimères Absentes by Fanny Ardant.

At the grand opening of the Festival on July 10,  Fanny Ardant was awarded with “Parajanov Taller” for her outstanding contribution in the world cinematography . The prize was handled by the author of the festival opening film, Abbas Kiarostami.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Recent work by Varsenik Khatlamajyan

Varsenik Khatlamajyan is a young Armenian artist who lives and works in Yerevan.
In 2000 she was selected for a scholarship at the KulturKontakt Foundation in Vienna and in 2002 she attended the Corso Superiore di Arte Vsiva at the Fondazione Ratti in Como (Italy). Her work has been exhibited, besides Armenia, in Belgrade, Frankfurt (in the contest of Manifesta 4), Salzburg, Como and Milan.

Varsenik is currently ART for The World's artist in residence in Venice at Palazzo Zenobio.

We are pleased to present her most recent work, the impressionist photos shot in Venice and reminding us of Monet's painting.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Recent works by Anna Scovacricchi and Olga Trevisan

Anna Scovacricchi and Olga Trevisan are two young artists who live and work in Venice. They both study at the IUAV-Visual Arts and Performances in Venice and  are collaborating with ART for The World for our exhibition The Mediterranean Approach at Palazzo Zenobio.
We are pleased to present their most recent works.

Anna Scovacricchi, Siluri (2011)

Olga Trevisan, Gift (2011)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Mediterranean Approach: dinner in Venice

Before the opening of The Mediterranean Approach, the gallerist Riccardo Crespi offered a nice dinner in Venice for all the artists, gallerists, collectors and people involved in the project. 
Here are few shots of that night.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Our thoughts to Jafar Panahi

In 2010 ART for The World produced The Accordion (here in its English version), the short film by Jafar Panahi before he was arrested together with his family and crew in early 2010.
Presented in September 2010 in the context of the Venice Film Festival, the short film has already partecipated in more than 30 film festivals around the world.
The Accordion is a perfect message of tolerance and solidarity to a regime that was always and still is hostile to his work and to himself as an artist.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Mediterranean Approach: installation views at Palazzo Zenobio

The first floor - the so called piano nobile -  of the Baroque Palazzo Zenobio in Venice hosts from June through mid-August the works (photos, scupltures, video, installations) by the thirteen artists participating in the exhibition THE MEDITERRANEAN APPROACH.
Here are some installations views.

Adrian Paci, Last Gestures, 2009
Ange Leccia, La Mer, 2001
David Casini, L'illogica abitudine, 2011
Faouzi Bensaidi, Le mur, 2000
Gal Weinstein, Nahalal (Partly Cloudy), 2011
Ghada Amer, Le Salon Courbé, 2007

Hüseyin Karabey, No darkness will make us forget, 2011
Marie Bovo, Cours intérieures, 2008
Khalil Rabah, The 3rd Annual Wall Zone Auction, 2004
Maria Papadimitriou, Apparatus, 2011
Ziad Antar, Beirut Bereft. Architecture of the Forsaken and Map of Derelection, 2007
Zineb Sedira, Gardiennes d'Images, 2010
Peter Wüthrich, Angels of Venice, 2011

Photos by Matteo Visentin and Uliva Velo

The Mediterranean Approach: Vernissage at Palazzo Zenobio on June 3rd

On June 3rd more than 1,500 people joined us and the artists for the vernissage of the exhibition THE MEDITERRANEAN APPROACH at Palazzo Zenobio in Venice.
Here are some pictures and video of the opening reception.

Palazzo Zenobio

From left to right: Nicole Fanni, Lora Sariaslan,
the artist Seyit Battal Kurt, Adelina von Fürstenberg
the artists Khalil Rabah and Ghada Amer  
the artist Ziad Antar, Jean Boghossian and Kathy, Renaud Musellier
Niki Vendola visiting the exhibition
the artist Gal Weinstein, the co-curator Thierry Ollat
and the artist Marie Bovo
from left to right: Orlan, Adelina, Ricky Clifton and Raphael Cuir
Maura Reilly and Adelina
Diane Hennebert and Fédéric
from left to right: the artists Marie Bovo, Khalil Rabah, Thierry Ollat,
Zineb Sedira, Ziad Antar
Niki Vendola and Thierry Ollat
Adelina and Philippe Castro,
Igor Valas (in the background)

From left to right: the artists Marie Bovo, Zineb Sedira and Ghada Amer
Adelina and the artist Ange Leccia
Ziad Antar and Anna Daneri

Photos by Adelina and Egon von Fürstenberg, Levon Mkrtchyan,
Uliva Velo, Matteo Visentin
Video by Thierry Ollat