Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Aware Migrants

Aware migrants” is an initiative that has been launched since July 2016, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Interior. Through this tool, the political will would be to raise the awareness of migrants to the difficulties they will face if they decide to leave their country.

The website  "info" page, lists the ways of entering in different European countries. If one can doubt the adequacy of such a website - considering the distress and the violence that lead families to leave their homes - its capacity to awaken the populations of Western countries, unarmed spectators vis-a-vis the media, in an increasingly and alarming passivity, must be highlighted.

Misunderstandings, fears and populisms are going on throughout Europe and beyond, as the November 9 election showed. The widespread tendency of the rich countries to self-withdrawal is always greater. In this context, the ability of a website as “Aware migrants” to decompartmentalise the minds of those who visit it, installed in their living room or in their office, should be emphasized. Indeed the website illustrates the gap between, on the first hand, the Western bureaucracy, clearly summarized on the “infos” page, and on the second hand, the reality of life, simply and crudely reported in the migrants’ stories, on the youtube channel initiated by the project.

Awareness of the atrocities perpetrated at this very moment, transmission of past and present stories, is a way of avoiding the widening gap between peoples of the world. Due to raising awareness to the Other and its realities, new transversal projects, based on enlighten information, as well as on education and culture, can be developed for better understanding among people, for peace and promotion of Human Rights.

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