Friday, 6 May 2016

World Water Joy : A Work in Progress - Participating Artist - Francesco Jodice

A Water Tale, 2008
HD, color, 3'44''

"  - How was that story?
           - Which story?
   - The story about the lights on the water."

So starts a tale told by an old fisherman to his young companion, as they pass through a desolate and arid environment where drought reigns. A Water Tale recalls that water is essential to life, land, and men. Francesco Jodice’s film gives water the starring role as protagonist of the film, making it visible simply by its absence. Water becomes a myth, an oral history transmitted over generations. With draught affecting the sustenance of fishermen, it extends also to the people, fauna, and flora and as well, the environmental equilibrium of the planet.
Born in Naples in 1967, Francesco Jodice lives and works in Milan. His research encompass changes in modern social landscape, underlining new phenomena in urban anthropology. His work explores the urgency for a common ground between art and geopolitics.

Jodice started his artistic career in 1995. In 2000, he co-founded “Multiplicity”, an international network of artists and architects, while simultaneously persuing personal projects such as The Secret Traces, a photographic experimentation of 100 portraits shadowing strangers unaware of the camera while performing mundane gestures. In 2003, he directed a short movie, The Gift, with his brother Sebastiano Jodice.

A Water Tale, 2008 has been produced as part of the ART for The World project,
Stories on Human Rights.

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