Wednesday, 28 March 2012

SESC: Brazil’s Unique Culture Group Stays Busy Sharing the Wealth, New York Times, March 27

On March 27, the New York Times published this interesting article on SESC Sao Paulo and his General Director, Prof. Danilo Santos de Miranda.
SESC is  ART for The World's partner since many years:  group exhibitions and solo shows (Marina Abramovic in 2006, Robert Wilson in 2008, among others) have been organized and realized in partnership with SESC as well as films have been co-produced since 2008 onwards.
Founded in 1946, SESC (Social Service of Commerce) is the country’s most active arts organization, operating in all 27 of Brazil’s states, financing not just arts programs but also recreational activities, educational courses and health clinics. 
“Our fundamental guiding principle is to use culture as a tool for education and transformation, to improve people’s lives” Mr. Miranda said in his interview.

SESC Pompeia
photo: Lalo de Almeida, New York Times
Prof. Danilo Santos de Miranda
photo: Lalo de Almeida, New York Times

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