Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Opening of RESPIRO (BREATH), Vicenza

On Sunday, October 10th, ART for The World presented RESPIRO (BREATH), a new exhibition in the city of Vicenza in collaboration with Fondazione Zoé.

In the contest of the second edition of the festival Vivere Sani, Vivere Bene - four days of events and conferences on the theme of health, with a special focus on breath - RESPIRO is a collective exhibition that take places in four different venues of the city, featuring video installations, audio and video projections and a selections of billboards on the theme of breath from different perspective: diving, blow, apnea, soul, sleep, silence…

Respiro is the prosecution of a collaboration between ART for The World and Zambon Group started in 1998 at the occasion of The Edge of Awareness, a travelling exhibition with large installations and billboards by international artists organized for the 50th Anniversary of the OMS and focused on the theme of physical and mental health.

Sheba Chhachhi, The Water Diviner (2008), installation view at Palazzo Bissari
Masbedo, Distante Un Padre (2010), installation view at Palazzo Bissari
  Miguel Angel Rios, The Power Flowers (1998) at Teatro Comunale
    Billboards by Sophie Ristelhueber and Alfredo Jaar at Teatro Comunale
Nikos Navridis, On Life, Beauty, Translations and Other Difficulties (1997) 
installation view at Spazio Monotono

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