Monday, 20 July 2009

Stories on Human Rights at 'Humanity Explored' Film Festival

ART for The World is pleased to announce the participation of Stories on Human Rights at the online Film Festival 'Humanity Explored'.
The film is now live at
'Humanity Explored' is a online Film Festival (July 09 - December 09), launched by Culture Unplugged: a new media studio, dedicated to bringing authentic voices from diverse cultures to global audiences - voices that need to be felt and understood, stories and films that connect people from different parts of the world.
Humanity Explored is a festival  where media artists and activists gather to explore the voices of citizens from all over the world, who share the same cosmic resources that sustain life, dreaming the same future, experiencing the same fundamental emotions, yet feeling separated.
The festival aims at making the audience feel interconnected, by sharing what fundamental emotions, needs and dreams unites us all.

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