Friday, 16 January 2009

Time is the child's kingdom

Started in 2000 Playgrounds&Toys  is a fully sustenaible and  innovative contemporary art project that offers tangible support to existing schools, orphanages and local communities in order to improve the wellfare and upbringing of disadvantaged children and those with little or no access to such facilities, throughout the world. Art for The World provides these schools and communities with both indoor and outdoor playgrounds, that promotes the education of the children and assists in their personal rehabilitation, keeping them stimulated, encouraging the development of cultural and personal identity, and, most important, adding joy to their lives.
With great sensibility and in accordance to the project’s guidelines, over fifty contemporary artists, architects and designers – young or well know – have collaborated with Art for The World to create unique designs for playgrounds and educational toys for children, that are simple and inexpensive to construct and that strictly abide by standard safety requirements. These playground designs, in the form of 1:15 scale models, have also been shown in a travelling exhibitions around  the world, in order to increase awareness to the largest international public possible.
Playgrounds has been developed in schools and communities, so far, in India, United  Kingdom, Armenia and Greece as well as collective toys have been distributed in the refugee camps in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Tanzania with the help of UN Agencies.
In the picture: Edgard Soares, Goooooaaal!!!!, Deepalaya School , Kalkaji, New Delhi, India, 2002.

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