Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Wilson will direct the funeral of Marina Abramovic

The Serbian artist Marina Abramovic ordered to Bob Wilson the scenography of its proper burial, to have certainty that, in the hour of the death, everything will be leaved as she wants. "Who lives well needs to die well", said the artist to the Folha de Sao Paolo. The moment of the descending of the coffin will be also the first scene of the drama "Life and Death of Marina Abramovic", that Wilson will direct, with the premiere foreseen for 2011 in a theater of New York.


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  2. Petition to the Serbian Orthodox Church, Belgrade

    I, the undersigned, request that the Serbian Orthodox Church consider Nikola Tesla for Sainthood. Additionally, I ask that the Serbian Orthodox Church consider making the night of July 9-10 a holiday for the recognition of Tesla's achievements in the realms of science and spirituality.

    Tesla was born on midnight between July 9th and 10th, 1856 in Smiljane, Lika. He was of Serbian heritage and a member of the Orthodox Christian religion. Tesla's work helped move humanity forward, and his theories are still being interpreted and applied to improving the world around us today.

    Tesla lit up the world and was deemed the father of free energy and communication, but his accomplishments stretch far beyond science. His ideologies emphasized the elimination of warfare, and he lived his life according to moral teachings, playing close attention to the spiritual and eternal, rather than worldly desires.

    Tesla theories will continue to play a vital role in science forever. The future realization of Tesla's work could prevent wars and ensure that everyone on the planet has access to the world's abundant natural resources. Making Tesla a Saint will bring all of the world's greatest scientists together, and allow for his work to be fully actualized for the betterment of humanity.



    Nikola Lonchar
    484 955 0545