Tuesday, 11 November 2008

ART for The World at its beginnings (1995)

Dialogues of Peace was organized at the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations at the UN headquarters in Geneva. In this exhibition, sixty artists from all over the world presented work dedicated to the encouragement of tolerance and solidarity through the universal language of art for a peaceful coexistence between people. Artworks were presented in the large corridors of the United Nations building were thousands of officials and diplomats walk along daily and also placed in the large courtyard of the building and in the Ariana Park.
Dialogues of Peace was the starting point for ART for The World's future action: to develop a new and creative forms of collaboration between artists, institutions and other members of the international community towards a meaningful dialogue between people of different cultures and to foster education and art as important vehicles for the defense of human rights. 

In the picture: Dialogues de Paix, 1995, Adelina von Furstenberg (President of ART for The World) with Willie Bester & Participating Artists.  

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