Monday, 2 May 2016

Urs Fischer False Friends - Opening

27th April at the MAH - Geneva
© Egon von Fürstenberg

Salle III : Urs Fischer, Robert Gober, Cindy Sherman

Press  :
Le Temps, 28/04/2016
Urs Fischer et ses amis consolent le MAH

La Tribune de Genève, 28/04/2016
Un petit miracle au Musée d'art et d'histoire

Urs Fischer - False Friends at the MAH - Geneva

At MAH Geneva - until 2016 July 17th.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

World Water Joy Project - Participating Artist - Sheba Chhachhi

The Water Diviner, 2008
Video projection (based on photographs by Umeed Mistry)
Single channel video installation, 3min., looped 3 times.

The large installation, The Water Diviner, draws from Indian lores, history and imagery showcasing the importance of water in Indian culture. The installation is complemented by a video which uses projections of still images and transparencies to create an immersive environment "suggesting the presence of water in every life-form", the Singapore Art Museum stated.

World Water Joy Project - Participating Artists - Vivianne van Singer

Mémoires d’eau
Ongoing project, 2016

In her new project Mémoires d’eau, van Singer performs chemical analyses of city water points- potable and non-potable. She then makes in situ interventions in the city, detailing the breakdown of the water source's chemical composition on a metal plaque, elucidating the differences between treated and untreated water throughout the city, despite both appearing to the eye to be pure and clean. These scientific investigations reveal much about the city inhabitant's lifestyles, for example drugs and medicines consumed, and primary industries performed.

World Water Joy Project - Participating Artists - Michel Favre

Superpositions, 2014 
HD Video, 19'
Video stills

A new river is designed by natural elements and human intervention. Following the restoration of the Aire river in Geneva, Superpositions evokes the sensation of a journey along the course of the river during its evolution. A landscape project by the Superposition Group led by swiss architect Georges Descombes. A video directed by Michel Favre, 2014.